Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Turning Sixty-Eight

Well I turned 68 today and even tho I try not to think about it I find I do have to appraise where I am at in life. What comes to mind first are things I have not done. First I had wanted to travel to Europe at some point in my life. Since my wife and I paid for the college education of our daughters, and I don't object to that, but it pretty much wiped out the saving in part due to the government encouraging the banks to give credit at the lowest possible interest rates which in turn the banks only want to pay me 1% on my savings. The government than printed as much money as they could with nothing to back it cutting my buying power in half and causing colleges to increase tuition etc etc etc. I can only conclude with the recent go around of debt limits our elected officials are fools. Why would you not require a balanced budget and why would you allow any amount of deficit spending and why would you raise the debt ceiling? It's Like a drunk telling you they will stop drinking if you give them a half pint to get them thru the day. Now they are thinking about making changes to social security. The government hasn't given a cost of living increase in a couple of years - due to no inflation they say - what world do they live in? Hell I can't even go to Canada without a passport, which I still haven't gotten,. Well maybe I can scrape up enough to go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in place of my Europe trip.

I guess turning 68 was not nearly as bad as turning 39. You are where you are going to be in life at age 39 or 40 so when I turned 39 I realized this was it - any chance of success was down the drain.

I have to think also about the number of people I have known who would never reach 68, some never made it to twenty. At age 68 attending a funeral a month is about the norm.

I also have to say that in spite of an array of aches, pains and a chip bone in my wrist due to the way Delmar Maryland maintain their streets I am not really that bad off as compared to a number of people I know or have seen in the past few days.

I have a 50 year high school class reunion this fall and I know the only people who will be there are old people.


Dana said...

Happy Birthday! I'd say you have a lot to be proud of from the limited amount of information I see on your blog. That being said, sounds like you got a lot of excuses for not reaching the dream of going to Europe someday. You're a bootstraps kind of guy, and a trip to Europe costs a fraction of what a college education does. You can get plane tickets for less than $1000, and do Elderhostel. Don't let big government and their policies get in your way of acheiving your dreams. You'll start to sound like a socialist if you keep talking that way. Of course, this is easy for me to say. I still have four years before I turn 39. After that, it's all over. Hope to run into you someday soon! Happy Birthday, again.

Jack Sirman said...

Happy Birthday, Howard.

Ed Ferro said...

Old Enough to be my father!

T.J. said...

Happy birthday soon you will be your own historical society lol.

Alan said...

Now that you don't let people place comments as Anonymous, The comments have going away. That's the best part. Let people place anonymous comments and I will give you your birthday present I got you. Until then, I keeping it. Happy Birthday