Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Visit To Hobby Lobby

I went to browse in the new Hobby Lobby Store next to the North Wal-Mart in Salisbury yesterday. It is another store dedicated to full employment for the Chinese worker. Very few American made items. As far as a hobby store goes, it is really more of a Home Decor store. Several times larger than Michaels takes a lot of walking to see it all. Prices are about the same as Michaels. One plus they have is about a tenth of the store is dedicated to fabric and sewing, something I am glad to see return to north Salisbury since Wal-Mart did away with their fabric section. It does have the usual crafts of beads, scrap booking, limited oil paints etc. I was hoping more for things like remote control aircraft's, ships model, woodcraft's etc. A look at the people in the store will tell you what the crafts are aimed at - Young housewives with a couple of young children, the same group that goes to Michaels. For old men with the clientele that go to this store, the place will be good for eye candy but you may not find much else to interest you. A plus - it is closed Sundays to let their employees have a "normal" day of rest.


Meegan said...

I too visited Hobby Lobby. Just yesterday. I too noticed everything was made in China. So, I affectionately dubbed the store Made In China. I did find some candles that were made in Vietnam. Maybe calling the store Made In China is a little premature. My wife, 8 year old daughter and mother-in-law like to go. I usually tag along when they go shopping, and honestly I look forward to going back to Made In China to conduct a little research. I would like to see if I can find something there that is made in the USA. I want to know what kind of stuff at Hobby Lobby is made in the US and what is not, and then compare all kinds of neat information like category, price, quantity and quality. Maybe a trip to Michel's to look for the same would be interesting.

Sarah Lindley F. said...

So far I didn't seen anything Made in the USA there. Maybe the shelves they used The corporation is based in Oklahoma. Made me kind of sad because a lot of the stuff is vintage Americana. Something that depicts our history, and our past.