Friday, August 26, 2011

We're Going To Die, We're Going To Die

I fully expect to hear this "news" headline on the TV anytime. Without a doubt the legitimate news has degenerated down to the level of Bloggers. It really is not a fine line between telling people about weather and to use common sense and protect themselves compared to the panic that the news media and State Emergency Management system is creating.

In the recent earthquake you could almost hear the disappointment in the newscasters voice when they didn't come up with deaths, major damage and almost no aftershocks.

This is my windsock this morning

This is my barometer reading this morning.

Maybe it is just because I am 68 and have gone thru well over a hundred Hurricanes and windstorms that this storm is not bothering me. Altho we are due for a major Hurricane I don't think we will see much more than 60 mph winds and heavy rain in Delmar.

I also think if we don't see winds of 120 mph we should sue the local news stations and State Emergency management system for creating a panic and causing economic hardship.

However my wife who works at Sam's Club told me last night some astronomical figure of sales increase for yesterday over the average sales for this day last year. And I see Home Depot has a signs on Rt13 that they are open 24hrs and have generators. I think Walmart and the other groceries and big box store pay the news announcers to make these storms sound worst than what they will be.

Try and find a "D" cell flashlight battery in a store in town.

I am sure the Delmar Police department is standing by with their new humvee.

My old house was about a hundred years old and would creaked and sway in ten mph winds but it withstood numerous hurricanes so I am looking forward to see how this new house does in the storm. I still think my worst threat will be from Delmarva Power.

While I am bitching about storm coverage; our news coverage is controlled by Yankees. All of North Carolina could be wiped out and if a teacup blew off a table in New York City 90% of the news coverage would be about that teacup.

I am not saying to disregard the outside chance this storm will be bad - just use common sense which our state officials are not doing.

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