Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Delaware Avenue And First Street Restoration Project

As those who live in the area of First Street (Delmar Delaware) are aware the street will be removed and repaved, new utilities lines put in, handicap ramps on the sidewalks, and curb and guttering replaced.

I attended a Pre-Construction meeting at town hall this morning to find out how this would affect me. I found the contract is for 9 months - Lord 9 months of torn up streets and construction equipment. Altho they did say they would try and keep the inconvenience to the minimum you know there are going to be problems (dust, dirt water and sewer cutoffs, gas line shutoffs, no street to park in, construction equipment traffic, etc.) but it isn't like the entire street will be dug out and not replaced for 9 months - there is a a plan, which they will let us know about as it happens. They did say they would contact the residents before they start work on their block and we would know in advance of water and sewer cutoffs. The length of the contract is due to the winter weather being in the middle of it. As we know in this area the Asphalt plant shuts down in the winter so no street paving will be done. Since it takes several weeks to obtain permits and such the actual work will not start for at least 3 weeks. They are looking at using the land by the railroad tracks at the end of Delaware Avenue as a staging area and they will start at 7 in the morning.

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