Friday, September 30, 2011

The Delmar Union Store

In the building, where Milanos and 2nd Chance Thrift Store are today, was the Delmar Union Store. The Building monument marker says 1932.

Union Stores were General Merchandise stores (groceries, notions, dry goods etc) and most towns had a store called the Union Store. In Laurel Benny Hitch had the "Union store" over on Central and 4th until 1917 when it was sold to S. P Russell who ran it as the Union store. I have no idea if Union stores were a cooperative, or the name was just used much as Five and Dime was used in the 1940's or dollar store are used today (Five and Dime to dollar stores shows the value of our money). There was a retail cooperative called the New England Protective Union, which was established in 1849. It was a cooperative movement which provided city markets for rural produce in exchange for goods to stock local stores. It died out some time after the civil war but perhaps the name stayed around for general use.

A Delmar Union store has been in existence since before 1892 as the building that housed it burnt in the 1892 fire. In 1932 the Delmar union store had a stockholder meetings and S.N. Culver was elected President, J. G. W. Perdue vice president, Wm Ellis was treasurer, L. H. Hearne was manager, Mrs. F. E. Nuvar was ass't Manger. A dividend of $12 was declared.

The brick building shows on the Fire Insurance map of 1920 so the 1932 monument marker may have indicate other things then the construction of the building.

By the 1940's I think this building housed the Delmar Economy Store and a restaurant, perhaps Austin's Restaurant.

Louise Culver in an interview said this about the Delmar Union store;
"Delmar Union store was where the Railroad cafe is now. My how I remember Miss Hattie Parker, they use to have one of those little ladders that you could roll down, well she was a little tiny short woman, that is Pat Hearne aunt, she'd roll that right down and get the stuff. I'd go in there and she would let me ride on it."

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