Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Election Results For Delmar Maryland Primary

The Election Supervisors gave their results tonight
For Mayor
Carl Anderton 115 votes Moves To General Election
Luther Hitchens 69 votes moves to general election
Nicole McGuire 37 votes out of the race

For Commissioner
Mike Gibb 85 votes moves to general election
Jim Henderson 85 votes moves to general election
Stephanie Ring 78 votes moves to general election
Bunky Luffman 76 votes moves to general election
Pam Schell 45 votes out of the race
Cory Shaffer 29 votes out of the race
Tom McGuire 20 votes out of the race

I heard that 129 people vote out of 1500 registered voters


Greg said...

Sad when you can not get a better percentage turnout! Glad our house voted!

T.J. said...

YES GREG you are right.Delmar has become a pathetic voter town. I said Woodcreek would take over and they will.

Ron Pagano said...

@T.J - I'm not sure what you mean by "takeover." What, exactly, do you mean by that statement? Is it that you feel that Woodcreek residents (who are also DELMAR residents) have some evil plan for changing Delmar? Maybe, sell off Delmar to Donald Trump? LOL

C'mon TJ...the fact is that those of us who live in Woodcreek care about our entire town, not just the 150+ plus homeowners in our subdivision. You and you're ilk that seek to divide the town into separate camps (for your own political reasons) have to make up your minds: first, you hated Woodcreek for being aloof and apart from the whole town; now, we have excellent candidates from the community who are committed to making our WHOLE TOWN better, and you still hate us!!

Maybe the reason there wasn't a better turnout at the primary was because folks are just fed up with Delmar politics; negativity, insults & personal attacks; tired of the infighting, when we should all be working together; upset that many of our minority residents are entirely ignored or just 'tolerated'; maybe they're saying enough is enough, stop the immaturity and the talk that divides people. Instead, put your childlike hatred aside and look for ways to have the ENTIRE COMMUNITY feel like they are part of a great little town, "too big for one state!!"