Monday, September 26, 2011

Election Selections - 2011

Tomorrow is the primary election for Delmar Maryland in which two out of three candidates for Mayor will be selected and four out of seven candidates for Commissioner will be selected to go to the General election on Tuesday, November 15, 2011. Now I live on the Delaware side of town so I really don't have a dog in this fight however let me give you my opinion of some of the candidates.

First for various reasons I will not comment on the Mayoral candidates.

With seven people running for Commissioner I can give some comments on most of them.

Might as well start with Tom McGuire as he is the best known one running for office. Tom has a large number of negatives against him; insensitive, out spoken, usually the object of blogger attacks, is running a negative campaign, could use a course in English, has not served on any commission or board however I think he is one of the best candidates for Commissioner. Why you ask, it is because Tom does not sit at home waiting for people to call him with problems or issues in the town. He is constantly in contact with everyone in town and by this I do not mean just the old section of Delmar but he is in contact with people in all the newer developments. He attends more joint council meetings than some Delaware councilmen. He knows more about what is going on in this town than any other candidate. So decide if you want someone that attends meetings and you never see after that or do you want someone who attends the meetings but also is constantly seeking people out and asking them their opinion on the town.

Thomas "Bunky" Luffman, Jr; again has a couple of negatives and many more positives. The negatives; the constant rumor that he is a minion for an evil Salisbury blogger and as such will be that person's puppet on the Delmar Commission so he can expand his evil empire. His perception of what he says in public meetings tend to differ from what other people perceive he said. The positives; of the candidates he knows the most about infrastructure and Delmar Maryland needs infrastructure. He is on and has been on commissions to act for the town and school so he has some experience in how town government works. You can also consider the experience on those commissions as paying his dues for an elected office - a definite plus as he is not trying to run without experience. He has been endorsed by Muir Boda (vice chairman of the Maryland Libertarian Party.) He attends the joint council meetings and from what I have read from Mike Gibb and Him, they write "more better English" than the other candidates.

Pamela K. Schell, the only negative I can think of is she only started attending council meetings about six months ago but considering I have never seen some of the other candidates at the meetings at all, it isn't that much of a negative. The positives; she too is in touch with a range of people and she has made contacts, by way of the library, with a segment of people the other candidates have not. She is known to many people in Delmar. I hate to say it but I think being female might be a plus for her as the Commissioners need to have a wider range of views on the commission than what is current.

Michael Gibb; On the negative side, he hasn't attended joint council meetings and he has not served on any of the commissions or boards. The positive side he presents himself well. In the times I have spoken to him he seems to have researched the subjects he addresses.

James Alan Henderson, an excellent person. He has well represented Delmar in his postion as a current commissioners. Altho I hear he is one of the people Woodcreek is backing in this election and he lives in Woodcreek I think in the ways he has voted as a commissioner he has been fair and will put Delmar ahead of the development he lives in. His biggest negative is his health problems and the nagging question will those health problem change his outlook and commitment to the commissioner position.

Mary Stephanie Ring; I have seen her at one or two Joint Council meetings and she is the Woodcreek voters selection other than that I know nothing about her.

Cory Shaffer; Mr. Shaffer was nice enough to answer that rather lengthy number of questions I asked the candidates and that is about all I know about him. I have not seen him at the joint council meetings.

So if I was voting for four people in the Commissioner election in Delmar Maryland those four would be;
Pamela K. Schell
Tom McGuire
Thomas "Bunky" Luffman, Jr
Michael Gibb


Bunk said...

Thank you for your endorsement to go through the Primary.

As I've said before, if I see Joe Albero in public I will say "hi" to the man. This can also be said of Julie Brewington and Jonathan Taylor, two people Albero has attacked on his blog. This is a function of my personality. I am actually civil to everyone. I think that is a trait that will do me well as commissioner. I do not believe I have to be polarizing to be effective, but on the contrary, it would limit the effectiveness of any elected official.

I'm nobody's minion.

The only person who constantly uses the name "Joe Albero" in this race is Tom McGuire.

T.J. said...

Yes Tom you are correct.I simply do not want 'JOE' In Delmar politics. To that end I have no more to say on this matter. The town should be thankful to Carl for doing what he did to keep them out of our politics ,as to my writing skills if elected the one promise I make is to get a word perfect or office program prior to writing any official town business.If elected I will not be "blogging" till my term is over .