Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall 2011

Summer is officially over! Goodbye to females in skimpy clothing. This morning, the sun crossed the Equator heading for the Southern Hemisphere and that folks signal the Fall equinox or the arrival of autumn in the North. The Earth today is split into twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness at all points on the earth’s surface. It can only mean Today is the first day of Fall.

Trees will begin to change colors as the leaves fall to the ground. The energy in the air has shifted from the extroverted, free-spirited nature of summer fun to a quieter, more reflexive foreshadowing of winter.

In song, Autumn refers to the mature stage of life just past the prime, but before the retirement years. The lightheartedness of summer has passed, the harvest is almost in, school has begun. There is knowledge to be gained. The motivation to work is much greater at this time as folks instinctively prepare for the cold winter months ahead.

This is a time to save resources. Stock up on foods for the long fallow period ahead. Preserve the foods you harvest, make jams and prepare lots of meals to freeze for unbearably cold days ahead that will keep you indoors to offset the unbearably hot days that kept you indoors this past summer. This is the season that each year becomes a more narrow timeframe to get outside and do some work. Bring your winter wear out of the back of the closet. Beat the rush and go to some chariable institution and apply for energy relief on your upcoming bills. As autumn progresses and the nights grow longer still, holidays such as Halloween and the Day of the Dead will remind us of the transitory nature of life. Crops die, waiting for the chance to be reborn in the next cycle. People die, to be reborn in the next cycle.

Okay all of that is good but in Delmar tonight is the first hometown football game and it could rain 10" this evening (and it looks like it will) and the Bleachers at the Delmar stadium would be filled. My wife has been digging out orange and blue foul weather gear to add to her usual orange and blue clothing so I know she will stay the duration at tonight's game. Naturally I will be else where but nevertheless "GO WILDCATS".

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