Saturday, September 24, 2011

Heritage Days 2011

Bryan and Brittingham was celebrating 60 years in business this weekend.

Melson Mustang 4 H club was fixing up the free food giveaway for Bryan and Brittingham. Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, etc. They told me I missed the scrapple sandwiches they had earlier in morning.

I arrived back to Heritage Days about 11 AM and things were moving along. Not the best day with the overcast but it wasn't bad either.

The Band Boosters are hustling shirts and what ever else for fund raisers

The Pie Eating Contest and the contestants that had gotten roped in.

chow down time - I think it was apple pie

Joseph (the one with the painted cheeks) is the winner

The Library had a booth plus at the Library they were displaying their historical collection.

The Dogs brought Dr Lori Dewald to Heritage Days

Yes 13 South was there.

Public Works was keeping an eye on things (You may remember this man from the 2010 Homecoming Parade as he had to pickup a dead skunk before the parade and his fellow employees made him ride in the back of the pickup truck - but he smelled good today)

Keeping an eye also was the Police and Mike Gibb, Commissioner candidate, and Luther Hitchens, Candidate for Mayor and current Vice Mayor of Delmar Maryland

The New Century Club was there

The Sussex County Genealogical Society was there.

and a few cars owners braved the occasional rain drop to show off their cars

I left about 2:30 but more is going on now and tonight with fireworks at 8 PM tonight.


bob pinto said...

nice pics. hope everyone had a good time.

Bryan and Brittingham - they have been here forever , hope they stay here forever.

Jack K Richards said...

From the look of some of the photos not many Delmarians (?) miss many meals lol Methinks there is a dire need for some Slimfasts