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How To Get Elected In Delmar

For people running for office I have listed some points I have observed over the years that may help you get elected.

A number of these points are the same as applying for a job and having a job interview.

Sign up as a candidate early in the game and start campaigning immediately. If there will be a number of people running for office, same as in a job interview, people will remember the First person they talk to and the Last, the ones in between are just vague images.

Always dress decently when campaigning.

If you have tattoos keep them covered.

Wear an American Flag pin and a "Go Wildcats" Pin on your Campaign Clothing.

Leave a piece of campaign literature on every door. There is no pick a color or color scheme for the campaign literature, it will be Blue and Orange, maybe pick a logo in blue and orange that will stand out or just go with black and white.

Use your photo on the campaign literature but unless you think you are great looking keep it small as possible. Just enough for people to remember your face - wallet size.

Get Out and Campaign. So many people think their name alone is going to get them elected. People want to at least think you truly want the job.

Don't run your opponents down. If you have to run a negative campaign let someone other than you spread the dirt. You should appear pure. Remember Delmar is a small town, the person you run down you will continue to meet face to face long after this election.

If you have not been to a Joint Council Meeting maybe you should go to one so you will at least know where they are held and their general format. You also can stand up in the Public Comment section and announce you are running for office and it will become part of the official transcription of the meeting.

Always mention how you support Delmar Schools and the school Kids.

Be present at any kind of Sport Function Going

Set Up a booth at Delmar Heritage Days (Sept 24th)and work the crowd. (maybe sign up for the pie eating contest to show you are a great guy or girl).

Try to be in as many Newspaper or TV Photo as possible if you can't be in them try to get your 'Vote For Me" sign in the background. Ideally you will posed with kids.

Send Press releases to announce your candidacy to the Blogs - you need any kind of free advertising you can get. Start your own blog or facebook page - they are free. Remember to use spell check.

Belong to one or all three; the Delmar Alumni Association, The Fire Department, and/or The VFW.

And take a tip from the Beauty pageants when asked what you want to do if elected the answer is always; "I want to promote world peace."

On The Delaware side of town, work the nursing home

Bring Registered voter forms with you and sign people up to vote as you campaign.

and I will Reprint this post I did from Oct 1, 2007 for your benefit

Ten Concerns of Delmar Residents

Over the years these are the ten most frequently occurring complains or concerns that I have heard in town meetings from the residents of Delmar. A hint for those candidates running for office in the upcoming Maryland election, pick 3 or 4 of these to run on and you will have a ready made audience to listen to you. The ten items are in no particular order, they are voiced at public meetings as the problem du jour.

1) Water; When they turn the faucet on they want water to come out of it and they want clear, odor free water.
2) Trash Pickup; They want all the trash they put out at curbside picked up. They don't want it scattered around the street when it is picked up and they want their trash cans put back in an orderly fashion, not tossed all over the place.
3) Sewer; When they flush the toilet they want for it to go away with no backups or odors.
4) Safety; They want to see the police. They want their property protected from damage. They want to feel safe.
5) Animal control; They don't want dogs and cats running thru their yard.
6) Teenagers; They don't want them bunched in groups or taking over the parks or wandering around town in groups and they want them quiet.
7) Street upkeep; They want the potholes fixed, they want the streets and gutters sweep. If a road cut is made they want it repaired in good fashion and in a timely fashion.
8) Neighborhood/town upkeep; They want to see run down buildings torn down or fixed up. They don't want tall grass and weeds growing in their neighborhood. They don't want drug areas.
9) Town employees; There are too many. What are they doing? Why aren't they doing more?
10) Traffic/Parking; Areas in town are being taking over by too much parking (school, Woodcreek). Can't get down a street because of parking. Too many trucks running down streets. People parking in fire lanes.

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