Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Liquor License Application For Delmar Diner

I see on the agenda for the Wicomico County Board of License Commissioners at 6 PM is the application for a Class "B" Beer, Wine and Liquor (7days) Restaurant Alcohol Beverage License. It was applied for by Serpil Murat of Delmar and Merry Saylor of Mardela Springs. The Corporation that owns Delmar Diner is KAAN, Inc. The president of KAAN is Ahmet Ceylan. Opposing or supporting comments can be phoned in at 410-548-4835

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Ray W said...


I wonder if there is a conflict of interest with Chief Saylor and his relatives having their hands in the Bar business? Does not he have part in another Bar up North? Laurel I think?