Friday, September 30, 2011

A Look At Two Sidewalks

There are two sidewalks in our area that I have walked and which have aroused my curiosity. One sidewalk goes south from Laurel on Bi-State Boulevard and ends about at an old filling station. The other goes north from Delmar on Bi-State Boulevard and ends in Trigiaville. Both are State Maintained sidewalks which in itself is interesting.

In doing some research I believe both sidewalks date back to 1931 for Laurel and 1932 for Delmar. If a reader out there has different knowledge I would be interested in hearing about it. For eighty year old sidewalks they have held up well. They do have substantially larger aggregate in the cement so maybe that helps. Also since the state cuts and trims around these sidewalks about once a year (maybe)they usually are covered in dirt and grass so maybe that helps preserve them.

Laurel Sidewalk today

The building of the Laurel sidewalk was contracted out to Hickman Short of Bethany Beach in 1931 and finished in 1932 by the State Highway Department (what is today DelDot.) The sidewalk was to be 4,150 feet long and it runs along the East side of Bi-State Boulevard (in 1932 referred to as State Highway US Rt13)from the old Laurel Town Limits to which was in 1932 - the Ward Filling Station. The estimated cost was $4,370.

Above the Ward Filling Station Today

The purpose of building the sidewalk was two fold with the first purpose to create jobs by way of the Emergency Employment Relief Work. The second purpose was to provide a safe and clean path for children to walk to school.

1932 photo of the finished sidewalk

In 1932 William B. Elliott of Delmar was given the contract to build a 3,000 foot sidewalk running North on the East side of Bi-State Boulevard from the old Delmar Town Limits. The estimated cost was $2,773. At the same time Old Line Construction of Chestertown Maryland was given a contract ($13,214) to pave streets on 8th Street and Lincoln. This was to facilitate the traffic, foot and vehicle, to get to the "new" Delmar School.

The sidewalk today

Again the purpose of the sidewalk was two fold - to create jobs and to create a safe clean path for children to walk to school. Today there is Holly Oak Park and Golden Meadows for people to walk from. In 1932 I don't know what was located out in this section. As I said it ends or begins at about Trigiaville.

Today parts of the old sidewalk disappears about York street and than reappear here and there.


Kim Freels said...

Well with Tom Luffman he can fix this.

john m. said...

there is a man that lives in holly oak that cleans up that part of the sidewalk that is maintained and not deldot.