Friday, September 23, 2011

The McGuire Comments On Luffman

By nature blogs tend to be negative, after all in a personal blog you are usually voicing your opinion on something and that something is frequently in the form of a complaint.

In a speech in San Diego in 1970, then Vice President Spiro Agnew used the phrase "nattering nabobs of negativism" to describe supposed intellectuals who attacked American policy. Actually William Safire, his speech writer, was the one who coined this term to describe the Washington press corps. "Natter" is defined as "to nag, to find fault peevishly," and a "nabob" is "a native provincial deputy or governor of the old Mogul empire in India. William Safire undoubtedly put the terms together because the phrase does paint an interesting although unpleasant word picture of a self-important person nagging and criticizing everyone else, which translates from the 1970's intellectuals in to today’s world of Bloggers.

Negativism draws readership in blogging. If not in the content, as authored by the writer of the blog, then at least in allowing anonymous comments that will usually be negative that will in turn attract readership.

Regretfully Politics also attract Negativism and the two (Politics and negativism) together are a match made in heaven for bloggers. We Bloggers might think of it as “Candidate Opposition Research” but it is simply Negativism and it is regretfully a part of any political campaign today, even in small town politics. I had hoped the Delmar campaign would stay positive and the candidates would concentrate on what they could do for Delmar as opposed to running other candidates down, but that has not happened. One candidate for commissioner seems to have taken the negative approach more than the others.

Now Tom McGuire and his family has been the object of vicious personal attacks on the internet for the last two years. He, of all people, should be aware of the effect of these personal attacks, but on his blog he has decided to bring a negative view to the opposing candidates into his campaign for commissioner.

Altho on his blog he has been negative on a number of candidates he seems to have singled Tom “Bunky” Luffman out for special attention.

If he felt Luffman lied in representing himself than a simple comment to that effect would have sufficed but he goes on and on about his opinion of this issue. The end result of this overkill is it tends to turn people against McGuire instead of turning people against Luffman. I have no opinion on the accuracy of any of Tom McGuire’s statements in his blog after all it is his opinion and he is entitled to it but as someone seeking election to a public office it seems to be a foolish campaign strategy for a small town.

Just as bad news turns heads and grabs front page headlines, “Negativism ” seems destined to be the trend of blogs and politics. So far Bunky Luffman has taken “the high road” in this attack and not replied to Tom’s comments. Hopefully he and the other candidates will continue to do so and keep this a “clean” campaign for office at least on their side of the campaign. The voters will have to decide the outcome of Mr. McGuire’s campaign.


T.J. said...

Howard I disagree I backed it all up with facts no rumors ,just good video.

Bunk said...
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Bunk said...

Howard, you were correct. I have taken my comment down and will continue to take the high road.

If anyone has read Mr. McGuire's attacks on me and would like an explanation and response I ask them to please email me at or visit my website and read my words.

Howard, I thank you for this forum and your post about negative campaigning. I appreciate both and the role you serve in the political process in Delmar.