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Montgomery County Government's Highest Salary

Interesting the median income in Montgomery County is $94,420. As of the census of 2000 the median income for a household in Wicomico County was $39,035 For Sussex County the median income for a household was $39,208

Picked up from the Germantown Patch

Who Has Montgomery County Government's Highest Salary?
Hint: It isn’t the highest elected official in office.

By Tiffany Arnold

Some of the highest-paid government workers in Maryland live in Montgomery County, but the county worker with the highest salary isn’t the county executive, the position at the top of county government.

When it comes to the top salaries in Montgomery County government, County Executive Isiah Leggett’s $175,000 full-time salary didn’t even make the top 10, according to 2010 salary data Patch obtained from the county.

In fact, Leggett’s two special assistants had higher part-time salaries — $175,627, the county data show.

So who had the biggest salary in county government?

Based on 2010 salary data, Chief Administrative Officer Timothy Firestine’s $266,266 salary was the highest — nearly three times what most county households earned.

Montgomery County workers earned more than any other jurisdiction in the state by the end of 2010, averaging $1,326 in weekly pay, according data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Still, the median household income for Montgomery County residents was $94,420, according to the most recent data available from U.S. Census.

Who sets county salaries?

The salaries of department heads and political appointees are proposed by the county executive and must be approved by the Montgomery County Council, explained Councilman Phil Andrews, D-Gaithersburg, a former but longtime member of the council’s Management and Fiscal Policy Committee.

But the county executive doesn’t determine everybody’s salary. The council, for example, appoints and determines the salary the director of council staff, Andrews said.

The county charter determines the salaries of Leggett and the council — $94,351, for the council; $103,787 for the council president in 2010.

Other positions are merit-based, Andrews said.

But it seems that even in one of the state’s wealthiest counties, it pays to work in government. Here are the top 10 county salaries for 2010:

Note: Because other employees had their salaries reduced by required furloughs and did not receive pay raises, some county officials chose to donate a portion of their pay. Patch has included the donations for whom amounts were listed, according to data obtained from the county. Also, data do not include other parts of local government, including the school system, and park and planning.

1.$266,266 — Timothy Firestine, Chief Administrative Officer. Firestine donated $972.15.
2.$216,603 — Montgomery County Police Chief John T. Manger. Manger donated $1,052.79.
3.$210,621 — Arthur M. Wallenstein, Director of Department Corrections and Rehabilitation. Wallenstein donated $1,052.79.
4.$206,492 (2-way tie) — Leon Rodriguez, County Attorney; Uma S. Ahluwalia, director, department of health and human services. Rodriguez donated $1,052.79; Ahluwalia donated $1,609.19.
5.$205,695 — Stephen B. Farber, director of council staff. Farber donated $972.15.
6.$201, 058 — Richard Y. Nelson, Director HSG & Community Affairs. Nelson donated $1,052.79.
7.$195,624 — Jennifer E. Barrett, Director of the Department of Finance. Barrett donated $1,052.79.
8.$195,247 —Joseph Alder, Director of Human Resources. Alder donated $972.15.
9.$194,537 (3-way tie) — Joseph F. Beach, Director of the Office of Management and Budget; E. Steven Emanuel, Director, Information Systems & Telecommunications; Carla A. Reid, Director, Department of Permitting Services. Emanuel donated $972.15. There were no donations listed for Beach and Reid.
10.$193,766 — Arthur Holmes, Director, Department of Transportation. There was no donation listed for Holmes.

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