Monday, September 05, 2011

Nicole McGuire Running For Mayor

Hi Delmar citizens, my name is Nicole McGuire and I want to be the mayor
of Delmar, MD. I am sure you all know that I filed for commissioner in
the last election and withdrew my name. I was at the time lead to believe
it would be beneficial for the election, by the powers that be or were at that time.
I think I would be a fresh breathe of air to the political machine in Delmar, MD.
The position I currently hold does not allow discussion. When I was hired documents had to signed as to the privacy of the company itself. However, I have lived in the area five years and have worked for this company over three of the five years. So there is no question on my "stay the course" attitude.

I am a Mom of two, one in Delmar Elementary and a Freshman in Wicomico High School.
The thing that I want to see more than anything else, is the forward momentum
of the town of Delmar. It is my sincere hope that as mayor, I could aid the town
in future improvements without hindering the delicious small town appeal that
so many of us recognize as Delmar.

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