Sunday, September 04, 2011

Press Release - Pam Schell Is In The Running For Commissioner

Sept. 3, 2011

I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself to the citizens of Delmar. My name is Pam Schell. I am a widow of a career Air Force member. We began our married life at Dover AFB and here I am back on the Delmarva. At the present, I have a fifteen year old grandson residing with me, a son, Richard, who lives in Delmar and a daughter,Valerie, who resides in Salisbury. As a military wife I have held several positions, almost all of which have been in direct connection with children.

Two months after coming to Delmar, I took the position, of Youth Services Coordinator for the Delmar Public Library, which I held until August 26, 2011 when I retired. Last year, I received the honor of being named Delmar's Citizen of the Year 2010.

As a twelve year resident of Delmar, I have decided it is time I give back to the community that has so graciously received me. So, I an announcing my candidacy for Delmar Maryland Commissioner. I have no experience as an elected official, but I can promise this to the citizenry, I will always be available to listen to you, I will always read everything that is purposed and I will look out for the benefits of my fellow citizens be they adults or children.
Thank you,
Pam Schell

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