Sunday, September 04, 2011

Press Release - Tom McGuire Is Running

Hello Delmar citizens.

My name is Tom McGuire and I am a candidate for the Delmar Md. Commissioners. As a stay at home Dad, I will have ample time to devote myself to the town of Delmar. It is my sincere hope that the things I believe are good for Delmar are also the things that you see as important.

One of the most important issues that will soon be coming to the forefront in Delmar,is population growth and how it will effect the town. Planning and zoning has made the growth of Delmar entirely possible. This growth will affect the education of our children. Delaware is already looking for property to build a new school which will possibly put an end to the BiState agreement in place for the school system. This growth, should it happen as planned could conceivably make Delmar a smaller version of our municipal neighbor, Salisbury.

With size and population growth, comes traffic problems, crime more children with less and less things to occupy their time.

Budgets are getting tighter all the time and Delmar is no exception. I feel whoever is on the town commission board will have to make very difficult decisions in the future.

If elected I will try to always make decisions that are good for Delmar now, and more importantly for the Delmar of the future.

Although recycling is not mandatory for Delmar MD, my family and I are avid recyclers.

In the weeks to come you can talk to me any time, express your hopes and concerns for Delmar and I am sure that they will be the same hopes and concerns that I have.

Thank you,
Tom McGuire

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