Thursday, September 15, 2011

Questions For The Delmar MD Commissioners Candidates

I have emailed most of the Commissioner candidates the below questions. I hope to post the answers on my blog next friday. I am still seeking email addresses on two of the commissioner candidates.

Questions For Candidates for the Maryland Election 2011

1 - Please tell us something about your Background and how it fits in with the elected office you are running for.

2 - Would you support a change to the town charter to remove elected officials who are not performing the duties of the office?

3 - Delmar is a wonderful place to live. If you are elected, what is your vision for Delmar and how will that improve the quality of life in Delmar?

4 - In some ways Delmar is made up of disassociated neighborhoods — the various developments (Woodcreek, Amber Ridge, Breckenridge, Colonial Estates, Pond’s Edge, etc) and the old town. What are your ideas to better integrate these communities?

5 - In a year in which we have seen heavy snows, drought, an earthquake, and the usual hurricanes, Is Delmar prepared for a major disaster and what are your ideals to improve the disaster plan?

6 - Despite the progress made, Delmar still has a large number of vacant lots, empty and blighted buildings, and undeveloped developments, what role can you and the Town of Delmar take, if you are elected, to improve this situation?

7 - Recently there have been many discussions about controlling government employees when they are off the time clock and on their own time. The emphasis has mainly been about the employee use of social networking. Altho employees owe a common law duty of loyalty to their employer, and this duty doesn’t end at the end of their shift, do you feel the Town Of Delmar needs to address this issue?

8 - Water is a limited resource. With the drought we have had for the last two years there has been a ten-fold increase in applications for private irrigation wells in the town limits and an even higher number outside of the town limits. Many use the same aquifers as the town. What is your opinion on this?

9 - Infrastructure is a key maintenance item in Delmar Maryland. Do you have a plan to improve the streets (and the utility lines under the streets) and what is that plan?

10 – It has been suggested the town should buy the Woodcreek Golf course. Do you support the Town buying the Woodcreek Golf course?

11 - Are current salary and benefits for town employees sustainable? If not, what do you suggest we do about future employee contracts?

12 - A large part of any elected official’s job is trying to maintain cooperation between various groups. Cooperation with Wicomico County is very important but at the same time issues in the Town of Delmar must be recognized. How would you address some of these issues as public safety, double taxation, the growth or lack of growth of the Delmar Elementary school, urban utility agreement etc.?

13 - How do you differ from the other candidates in this race?

14 - What town-related issues do you feel have gone unaddressed and what would you do to address them?

15- Do you have an email address or a phone number you wish to give out for people to ask you questions?

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