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Questions For Mayor Candidates for the Delmar Maryland Election 2011

There are three candidates who have filed for the position of Mayor of Delmar Maryland. The pay for this position is $2,300 a year for the two year term. I asked the candidates five questions. One Candidate did not reply. I wish to thank those two candidates who did reply for taking their time in doing so.

Hopefully the answers given will help you assess the candidates. Bear in mind this is not an English Essay exam, you are looking for a Mayor that best represent you, so a questions and answers format is but part of the overall evaluation of the candidate.

The Delmar Maryland 2011 Primary Election is Tuesday, September 27, 2011. Starting at 7:00 A.M. Closing at 7:00 P.M. or until the last person in line at close of doors has voted. Absentee & Emergency Ballots Tuesday, September 27, 2011 No later than closing of the polls on Election Day 7:00 P.M. The voters will choose two candidates from the three running and on Tuesday, November 15, 2011, at the General Election, will select one of those two candidates to fill the position of Mayor for Delmar Maryland.


Questions For Mayor Candidates for the Delmar Maryland Election 2011

1 - Mayors throughout Maryland hold the reins of the first level of government that affects most Marylanders. In the case of Delmar the Delmar, Maryland Mayor will also influence Delmar, Delaware. With a proper perspective on the uses and limits of government, you can foster prosperity in our community. The Mayor must have leadership, the ability to respond to the Media, knowledge of the town charter and ordinances, and the ability to negotiate cooperation between citizen groups, town employees, Wicomico County and Maryland Government, and outside business interests. Please tell us something about your background and how it fits in with the Mayor’s Office.

Nicole Crystal McGuire: My word that is a long question. As a mother of 2 children one a active 5 year old in Delmar elementary. A 15 year old WiHi J.V. football player. I find that my skills as a negotiator are tested daily. I have been with the same company and advanced for the past 3 years from within. I have been in the same industry for 4.5 years. Prior to that I had retail experience. I learned from being on my own since 16 how to manage and survive in a hard world. So all of the above tends to bring a fresh breath of air to the Delmar political machine.

C. Luther Hitchens: No Reply To questions

Carl Anderton, Jr.: Delmar is a member of the Maryland Municipal League (MML) which is a voluntary, non-profit, association that works to strengthen and support cities and towns through advocacy and aides in the development of effective leadership. After my election to the Commission I quickly found that if I wanted to excel in this position the first step was to become involved in the MML. I signed up for the academy that is offered and quickly gained a working knowledge of our charter and our responsibilities as elected officials as well as the duties that we are or are not able to do. I have met with county, state and congressional leadership on Delmar’s behalf and, in doing so; fully believe that I would be able to represent Delmar in every situation with the care and confidence needed.

2 – What is your vision for Delmar and how will that improve the quality of life in Delmar?

Nicole Crystal McGuire: Eventually things with the economy will swing up .Untill then My vision is clear to get to survive through the tough times ahead.

C. Luther Hitchens: No Reply To questions

Carl Anderton, Jr.: I believe quality of life is being able to safely and quietly enjoy your home and neighborhood. It is my opinion that our first priority as elected officials is to ensure our Police Department is an integral part of our neighborhoods, and that they have the personnel and tools to “protect and serve”. To help our town maintain a positive appearance we also must be certain our code enforcement officer is equally and fully implementing the zoning and building ordinances. Delmar is not immune to the recession and in this “new economy” we need to be mindful of our commercial growth. Neighbors I have met with all share a desire for Delmar to be a place that businesses want to come to and we should utilize one of our best assets - our geographical location on the peninsula to promote ourselves as a great destination. If elected, I intend to make these my areas of focus to ensure a high quality of life for each of Delmar’s residents.

3 - A large part of the Mayor’s job is trying to maintain cooperation between various groups. Cooperation with Wicomico County is very important but at the same time issues in the Town of Delmar must be recognized. How would you address some of these issues as public safety, double taxation, the growth or lack of growth of the Delmar Elementary school, urban utility agreement etc.? Along the same lines how would try to integrate the various neighborhoods in Delmar (Woodcreek, Amber Ridge, Breckenridge, Colonial Estates, Pond’s Edge, etc) and the old town into one unified town?

Nicole Crystal McGuire: Lets be clear we are one town but will never be perfectly unified. This is too diverse a town for that to occur . In years past the small town flavor applied but now ,with all the growth projected my fear is that flavor will go away. I would campaign to build a new elementary school ,which would stop the possibility of the bi-state agreement breaking due to population growth. This would bring back the 5th graders were they belong.

C. Luther Hitchens: No Reply To questions

Carl Anderton, Jr.: Having the opportunity to work alongside Salisbury and Fruitland on a county property tax differential, we have stated that our relationship with the Sheriff’s department is not included in the tax offset we seek, only other duplicated services. As a community we need to make certain our Elementary School is in the forefront of the Wicomico Board of Education Master plan, and meet with the board on a regular basis until this happens. Two ways already used to help integrate the newer neighborhoods into the older part of town is the Delmar Day in the Park and the Heritage Day Festival. One idea would be to take Council meetings or work sessions to other locations in town, like the clubhouse at Woodcreek, for example. Another thought is, we have numerous vacancies on our committees and we should seek out new members from all neighborhoods that are not represented at this time. Additionally, it may be a good idea to explore starting up a neighborhood round table that would meet on a regular basis which could include a member from each area of town.

4 – If elected is there any one goal you would like to immediately pursue?

Nicole Crystal McGuire: I would like to see the police presence period ,More importantly I want them well trained to deal the kids and crimes of today

C. Luther Hitchens: No Reply To questions

Carl Anderton, Jr.: Personally, I feel Walnut Street has long needed and deserves immediate attention. I would push this project along and then work to establish a plan to continue with street restorations. I would also add to that initial goal that we have to foster better communication between the town and all residents. Many social networking sites are already established that many of us in town belong to; Delmar could utilize those venues to disseminate information and news quickly with no extra cost incurred since all sites have free membership.

5 - Do you have an email address or a phone number you wish to give out for people to ask you questions?


C. Luther Hitchens: No Reply To questions

Carl Anderton, Jr.: I am always just a click away! Please feel free to contact me at or on Facebook at

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