Thursday, September 15, 2011

Questions I am asking the Candidates for Mayor

I have emailed these questions to two candidates and now have to deliver them to Luther. Less questions for the Mayor candidates than the commissioners, we will see how they answer them.

1 - Mayors throughout Maryland hold the reins of the first level of government that affects most Marylanders. In the case of Delmar the Delmar, Maryland Mayor will also influence Delmar, Delaware. With a proper perspective on the uses and limits of government, you can foster prosperity in our community. The Mayor must have leadership, the ability to respond to the Media, knowledge of the town charter and ordinances, and the ability to negotiate cooperation between citizen groups, town employees, Wicomico County and Maryland Government, and outside business interests. Please tell us something about your background and how it fits in with the Mayor’s Office.

2 – What is your vision for Delmar and how will that improve the quality of life in Delmar?

3 - A large part of the Mayor’s job is trying to maintain cooperation between various groups. Cooperation with Wicomico County is very important but at the same time issues in the Town of Delmar must be recognized. How would you address some of these issues as public safety, double taxation, the growth or lack of growth of the Delmar Elementary school, urban utility agreement etc.? Along the same lines how would try to integrate the various neighborhoods in Delmar (Woodcreek, Amber Ridge, Breckenridge, Colonial Estates, Pond’s Edge, etc) and the old town into one unified town?

4 – If elected is there any one goal you would like to immediately pursue?

5 - Do you have an email address or a phone number you wish to give out for people to ask you questions?

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