Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Fire

As some of you may have heard we had another fire on our corner. The house that was being renovated caught fire and burnt yesterday.

This is what the house looked like the morning before the fire

When I got home 40 minutes later this was all that was left. It seems to be an electrical fire as they just turn on the power to the house today. The heat from the fire melted a lot on the houses that were around it.

My neighbor's house

My house melted from the heat.

Another Neighbor's house

knocking over the last standing wall

This about wraps it up

Verizon started about 5 pm running a new cable. All the cables in front of the house had melted insulation from the heat. My Comcast cable wasn't semi-repaired until about 2 pm today so no internet and no TV. More work on it next week.

Verizon worked all night under flood lights with generators running, on up until about 10 this morning on the phone cable


Alan said...

Strange, you seem to be around a lot of fires. And had just left before the fire started? Maybe the Fire Marshall should have a talk with YOU

Ron Pagano JD said...

I was staggered to see the ignorant, racist remark on TJs blog (Delmar Daily) yesterday, where he referred to the fire as a "Jewish remodel." What is wrong with him?

Howard said...

Given the owner said he didn't have insurance on the house there would be no reason to think he would burn the building so I don't know why Tom think "Jewish Remodeling" would come into play. Altho I would not consider the remark racist it is an old but still derogatory to Jews.

bob pinto said...

Good photos and reporting.Tv "local" news says "damaged other houses" and nothing more.

Saddening,aggravating, loss of money but we still have our lives.