Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Arachnophobia Season

Okay with the dry summer and now autumn it has been spider Paradise here. Walking around the yard or around town early in the morning will guarantee you a spider web
face. They are everywhere.

Without spiders our homes would be invaded by flies, stink bugs, mosquitoes, and all sorts of other bothersome insects, so like putting up with government I have to have some level of tolerances because they do good - but there is a limit and when they expand their area too much you have to stop them.

The spider pictured above, I found in the garden and are called the black and yellow argiope, also called the "writing spider". That alone is more information then I care to know about them. They are harmless but still anything that large (maybe 6 inches from feet to feet) I don't want crawling on me.

Remember that Far Side cartoon in which Gary Larson has two female spiders setting up a web at the bottom of a children's slide and the caption is "If We Pull This Off We Eat Like Kings"? Maybe that argiope has his/her eyes(s) on me.

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