Friday, October 28, 2011

Comment on A Couple Of Prime Time TV Shows

Generally this fall’s prime time shows are a disappointment. One of the factors contributing to this disappointment is the amount of time a show devotes to commercials. It is up to 40% of the air time being commercials. How can they develop a story line in an hour show when they only have 36 minutes to do it in? I come from a time when TV would have commercial time of 1 minute at the quarter hour and 2 minutes at the half hour, now it is 24 minutes! I remember back in the 1980's one of the many companies I worked for had someone from England visiting - the land of the BBC. He commented how he could not understand how we watched TV shows here with the constant interruption of commercials. Today I have to agree. My time spent reading books instead of watching TV has increased two fold over what it was three years ago.

But back to my comments on two shows, the top one I have enjoyed so far is "Person Of Interest." It backs up my beliefs that the government has you under constant surveillance and the only true justice given out is the what you personally dish out. Some points are not believable but over all it can develop a story line in the 36 minutes allocated to this hour long show.

The big disappointment was "Pan Am." A period piece about stewardesses and airline pilots in a time when flying had a certain glamour image. Due to the show trying to follow several players in the same show and the flash back to previous times in their lives plus only having 36 minutes of story line time in the hour long show I simply can’t follow the show with any interest as the story line never develops.

Other new shows that almost make it but fails are;

Revenge - Nice looking female star and I like the idea of revenge, but it just doesn't keep my interest.

Two Broke Girls - keeps your interest as a fill in spot between other shows
New Girl - just fails in general
Two and a Half men - not a new show but I figure it is their last season.


Brian Shields said...

I like Pan Am.. I think, though, you have to get it from the beginning to dig deeper in the storyline. The characters are developing nicely in slow fashion over time.

First seasons tend to move slower in storyline because of character development.

Check out all of the episodes on, which, btw, less commercials. Like a minute tops.

bob pinto said...

Yes, commercials were supposed to pay for the programming and the viewer could watch for free in ancient times.

Now I pay $60 / month to watch and still endure commercials up to a point.

Oh, yes , don't forget old reruns are cut short and as soon as the action finally resumes , more ads apear on screen.

And then finally, they shrink the ending screen with the theme music and ram more ads into it.

My wife just won't bite where we could turn the whole mess OFF totally.

I refuse to watch NFL games with every opportunity taken for commercials. I watch NFL REDZONE.