Saturday, October 15, 2011

Delmar Home Coming Parade - 2011

Tradition reigned on a windy but bright Saturday today, when The Delmar High School’s marching band lead the way followed by town, school, and organization officials, floats, homecoming court attendant and Homecoming Queen candidates. Both Town Police cars were in the parade leading and ending the parade and of course Public Works once again cleaned up any mess.

The echo of the snare drums, the wind snapping the flags of the color guard (Visual Ensemble,) the sea of blue and orange repeating its color thru out the parade made for another long-standing traditional Delmar High School homecoming celebration.

The streets were strewn with candy, but only for seconds before being picked up by clusters of eager boys and girls. For 20 minutes it was early Halloween on high speed


Carol said...

Wish there was a way to page through the full size pictures without having to keep going back.

frank b. calio said...

Glad to read Delmar allows candy to be 'thrown', Laurel disallows it, you have to 'hand' it out.

cs21801 said...

Carol, hold down Ctrl key and click on each, they will each open in a seperate tab.

Carol said...

@ cs21801 Thanks for short cut
@ Howard it took me two days to finally notice typo in title.

Howard said...

Thanks Carol