Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Delmar Joint Council Meeting - October 2011

The Delmar Joint Town Council Meeting was held tonight. All Delaware Council members were present including Woody Payne. Jim Henderson was absent due to health problems but all other Delmar Maryland Commission members were present. The meeting was over with about 8:30. There was a good turnout of the "Public" mostly Woodcreek people and candidates for elected office. My usual disclaimer is I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story go to the meeting.

Actually there was very little of any great interest that happened last night for me to write about. The Parking Ordinance first reading has been postpone until next month as the town lawyers are reviewing it.

The main reason for the big turnout of "public" was the appearance of Mark Thomasson - always an attraction for Woodcreek people. Mr. Thomasson requested a reduction in the amount charged him for the town cutting grass on vacant lots in Woodcreek. The town charged him $31,630 and he said his contractor normally only charged him $675 to do the same number of vacant lots. The Commission said they would review it. Carl Anderton, Candidate for Mayor, did some grandstanding with Mark Thomasson. I think more for the effect of standing up for Woodcreek residents. Later Tom Luffman at the public comments section of the meeting would do the same thing. Frankly Woodcreek voters will control this upcoming Maryland election as they did the primary, so I guess if I was running for office on the Maryland side of town I would kowtow to them also. Stephanie Ring and Mike Gibb, also candidates for elected office, were in the audience but said nothing - perhaps because they are Woodcreek residents. Carl did make some good points however. I understand Mark Thomasson had said he would contact his lawyer if the town did not reduce the amount charged so certainly the town should not back down for that reason. The town publish how much they are going to charge to cut your grass which is per lot. Mark Thomasson should have been aware of that. To reduce the amount charged per lot for Mark Thomasson would bring the amount charged to everyone in town for grass cutting up for negotiation. If it is reduced there would be no deterrent for Mark Thomasson or anyone else to cut their grass, instead, let the town do it and negotiate with the town for a lower price when the town charge them. Also there are a number of developments that have not been maintained that may be coming up for grass cutting by the town and the town would not want to set a precedence for negotiated grass cutting.

The other item discussed, of interest to me, was the landscaping of the "new" town hall. Bess Buds did design work and offer several concept plans. The actual landscaping cost for each of the different versions was under $5,000 each. When the drawings and art work was shown for the landscaping the town could have used a tripod easel display stand to place them on but instead made use of the Town manager to hold the drawings for the council to see them.

Above the Town Manager being used as a tripod Easel Display stand. The Councilman sitting on the end is Woody Payne, in case you have forgotten what he looks like. Woody however did suggest the town get two additional estimates for the work instead of going with one estimate for the work - thumbs up for Woody!

The Two Councils intensely listening.

And that is about all of interest to me to write about in last night's Joint Council meeting.

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Plant grass spend the rest on new seats.