Saturday, October 01, 2011

Even In 1932

Above from the Laurel State Register 1932 - an ad for Vinol a Patent Medicine.

In the 1930s the boyish look of the 1920s was slowly receding in popularity. Again was the return of femininity. It was during the 1930s that the movie star image was very much envied and copied by women who were physically fit to model Hollywood-style clothing.

A 1930 ad display for Vinol a patent medicine described as The Delicious Cod liver and iron Tonic which contains no oil. Vinol was described as the wine of cod liver , since besides cod liver it contained wine maybe the idea was if you drank enough you didn't care about being flat chested. Prohibition would end in 1933. In the 1930's it sold for $1.30 a bottle ($21.83 in 2011 dollars). But look at the Vinol bottle below

Does it not remind you of

a Mateus bottle of wine that delightful rose wine of Portugal, 11% alc. by volume


swampcritter2 said...

Reminds me of the old joke George Bush was fond of, "Why did God give women breasts?" Answer: So men will talk to them.
Vinol may have sold better if it came in jugs.

Howard said...

Bad Pun

swampcritter2 said...

I agree Howard, but I couldn't resist.