Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The October 2011 Delmar Police Commission Meeting

Last Night The October 2011 Delmar Police Commission Meeting was held. This was the last town meeting in the "old" town hall. Future ones will be in the "New" town hall. So in this somewhat historical police Commission meeting naturally Delaware Councilman Woody Payne was missing once again. These elected jobs are great, you don't have to show up to meetings nor do anything to earn the money just convince some fools you would be a good one to elect and you have an automatic paycheck - not a big paycheck - but at least a beer money paycheck. Also Police Chief Saylor didn't show so Lt Remo did the presentation.

Some items talked about;

The Delmar Pd is providing traffic control at the High school.

As with the Fireman parade the Delmar Police will lead the Homecoming parade this weekend.

A discussion of the latest death on RT13 (the homeless man that was struck and killed) maybe more lighting in that area would help.

The Red Speed traffic speed monitor/camera proposal has been sent to the State highway commission and Delmar is waiting to hear back from them. Currently two fixed and one mobile speed monitored are being looked at.

About an hour long discussion of the Parking ordinance followed, for a police commission that usually is over with in a half hour this was a long one - it went to about 7:45 and than into executive session. I will wait until the first reading before I comment on the Parking ordinance. I am trying to tell myself this is for the good of Delmar but I only see more infringements on the rights of individuals. Every time you turn around the Federal state or local government is telling you what you can or can not do and hiring more government employees to vote the way they are told to vote. It has to stop.

Public that attended the meeting, besides myself, that decided to get off their asses and see what the town was up to were Carl Anderton and Mike Gibb.

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