Thursday, October 20, 2011

The October Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting - 2011

If you arrived late to the meeting you would have missed it. It started at 7 PM and was over with by 7:09 PM. I never realized how long winded Houlihan was until Anderton took over being in charge of the P&Z meeting, Carl rarely goes over an hour. Tonight missing members were; Joe Dixon - DE Resident and Joe Dixon - DE Resident. The rest, as in; Carl Anderton, Jr. MD Commissioner, Ed Ferro - MD Resident, David Ring, Jr.- MD Resident, Thomas Luffman- MD Resident and future Delmar Maryland commissioner and Robert Thompson- DE Council Member were there.

The public was Mike Gibb (future Delmar Maryland Commissioner)and me.

The only item was Clayton homes request to put a modular home in Amber Ridge Subdivision. it is a nice looking unit. Since the zoning allows for modular homes and the neighbors didn't object the commission gave a favorable recommendation to the joint council.

This was my first time in the new town hall and it looks good. Same old hard ass chairs in the meeting room however.

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