Thursday, October 20, 2011

P & Z Commisssion Meeting Tonight

So I went to the town Website to see what was on the agenda for tonight's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at 7 PM at the "New" Town Hall and found this; "There are no Meeting Agendas currently available" So all kinds of conspiracy theory's race thru my head from secret meeting, to big time developer doesn't want the public to know his/her plans being presented tonight, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Howard, While updating the website is my job, it has been lost in the shuffle of priorities that change daily. That does not even include the days involved in the move to our new location or the days that we had no internet or phone service. And once again today, my priorities have changed. While I like conspiracy theories as much as the next person, this is not the case. I read your blog daily and if you had not posted about the absence of the agendas, I would not have realized that they were missed. Howard and Delmar residents, please give me approximatley 30 minutes from this post, and I will have the agendas online.
Your faithful follower
Cindy Fisher
Clerk of Council
Town of Delmar