Friday, October 21, 2011

The Porta Potty Bus

I came up behind this yesterday while driving, a porta potty bus. Well not actually it is a bus they use to transport workers to the fields. The usual for "Farm Use" tag was on it. Back in the 1950's when I worked in various farmer's field, the fields were always bordered by a tree line that you used to do your business in. Now the fields are so big and you would wet on yourself before you made it behind any tree. No doubt there is now a Federal regulation that says facilities must be made available for the worker - one more cost to add to the price of food. Waaay too many government workers with college degrees and nothing to do but come up with rules and regulations to justify their job.

Interesting with those "Farm Use" tags there is no way you could give the police a tag number or Identification if they did a hit and run or something. Just a description of "it was a bus with a Farm Use Tag" - narrows it down to about 200 vehicles in this area.

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