Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Princess Kleening Kit

Today in a world of unisex and non-gender specific toys the drawing of the little girl on the box of cleaning toys would be considered "Politically incorrect" but I am sure in the 1930's it acceptable.

The Lower Delmarva Genealogy society had it monthly meeting at the Adkins historical and Museum Complex in Mardela Springs and in the tour of some of the buildings I came across this display of toys.

With a vacuum cleaner, hand vac, broom, dustpan, mop, broom brush, and pretend cleansers, the Dirt Devil 9 piece play set will make a fantastic toolkit for your little helper. Part of the charm is that the small tools look like the big ones that Mommy or Daddy would use, making your little one feel like an important part of the cleaning crew.
Todays toys - Notice the non-gender specific verbiage for the Dirt Devil Junior 13 Piece Cleaning Play Set. No doubt Mommy and Daddy are now on a Cleaning crew since they lost their higher paying jobs due to the economy and now Dirt devil is encouraging child labor.

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Uncle Paul said...

Now you've blown it.. Mrs. Dustpan was going to purchase a version of this for your Christmas Gift. "Mr. Clean Up Butler".. She was about to put your butt to work around the ol' homestead.

I hope you're not alergic to dust!