Thursday, October 27, 2011

Registered Sex Offenders in the Delmar Maryland zip code

Halloween is coming up and as such I usually publish a list of registered sex offenders in the Delmar Maryland zip code. This information is not to be considered in anyway a threat, intimidation or harassment of those individuals listed, it however information for parents who will be taking children trick or treating

Marion Sylvester Adkins Sr 31267 E LINE RD DELMAR MD 21875
Charles Robert Timmons 1209 WALNUT ST, Apt/Unit# 16 DELMAR MD 21875
Alan M Wilkerson 602 SIXTH ST DELMAR MD 21875
Lorenzo Lee Waters 607 CHESTNUT ST, Apt/Unit# A DELMAR MD 21875
Peter Lucas Blanchfield 408 E CHESTNUT ST DELMAR MD 21875
Brice Sebastian Shockley 3002 FOSKEY LN, Apt/Unit# 3 DELMAR MD 21875
Robert Lee Horstman 209 E ELIZABETH ST, Apt/Unit# 2 DELMAR MD 21875
Kevin Darnell Batson 304 E ELIZABETH ST, Apt/Unit# A DELMAR MD 21875
Virgil James Baker 9031 PARSONSBURG RD DELMAR MD 21875
Maurice Albert Adkins Jr 8703 BI-STATE BLVD DELMAR MD 21875
John William Litteton 600 S MEMORIAL DR DELMAR MD 21875
James Howard Jenkins 29866 CONNELLY MILL RD DELMAR MD 21875
Brian Robert Sullivan 203 E CHESTNUT ST DELMAR MD

Taken from the State Of Maryland Registered Sex Offender List

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