Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sussex County Cousins

I went to the Sussex County Cousins event put on by the Sussex County Genealogical Society and the Laurel Public Library today. About 25 to 30 people were there. The format was the same as the previous five Sussex County Cousins events. You get to talk to other people with surnames you are looking up in the morning and in the afternoon there is a speaker. This year's speaker was C. Russell (Russ) McCabe previous Director of the Delaware Public Archives and also a native Sussex Countian. His topic was “Location! Location! Location!”

Mr. McCabe was of course very knowledge about the history of Delaware and related a number of Delaware history topics to other areas. He discussed the many ways in which geography shaped the history and development of Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula. It helps that he has a degree in History and one in Geography. With particular emphasis on the colonial era, the early statehood period, and the long-running boundary dispute, his program focused on how external events of world and national history intersected with the physical environment to give us the First State as we know it today.

One item he is working and has worked on is giving more attention to the Mason Dixon Marker west of Delmar. As you know it just sits out there in that little pavilion with nothing that really marks the way to it or give any extensive information about it. He has gotten it on the 15 must see history things in Delaware. There is work afoot to post more information about it out by the site.

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