Thursday, October 13, 2011

Under the Skirt at the Laurel library

The Under the Skirt Tour
Presented by Karen Jessee & Roxanna Hurst. We begin with Aunt Effie wearing only her unmentionables. As Miss Josephine dresses Aunt Effie, she discusses, makeup, grooming, and hair for the Victorian gentlewoman. Miss Josephine then proceeds, as she dresses Aunt Effie, to take the audience through the maze of clothing that was worn under the skirt of the lady of fashion in 1864.

My daughter Megan and I went to the Laurel library last night for this presentation. We and the 20 to 30 other people there found it very entertaining.

Unlike a striptease she starts at this point and puts clothes on

Going for the 18 inch waist by tightening the corset

Putting the hoop on

well I won't explain this one

The almost finished product merely missing a shaw and bonnet

They had an array of photos etc placed on the back tables to look at.

At one time I had written that I do not usually write about the Civil War because Civil War Followers are such fanatics that they know every detail about everything and there is no way to compete against them. The times I have spoken to Civil War Reenactors has prove this point. In listening to theses two women discuss clothing it shows the female version of Civil War Reenactors are just as much a fanatic on the subject.

Their next reenactor thing is "Remembrance Day Weekend 11/19/2011" - Wreath Laying and Memorial Service Evergreen Cemetery Gettysburg, PA, Saturday morning. Parade Saturday afternoon Balls Friday & Saturday night. Luminary at the cemetery on Saturday night much, much more.

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