Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Abandoned Houses In Delmar

A couple of days ago we had another house catch on fire, it too was an abandoned house. The fire department kept it from spreading but now the windows and back door are gaping holes where the door was stand open and inviting once again scrap metal thieves and people just wandering thru an old house looking for trouble. The Town passed an Abandoned Building Ordinance just recently, yet that house was never boarded up. Why not? It still is not boarded up - again why not? I know when I had my house fire and Brenda Morris had her house fire we were required to board it up and pay to board it up - yet this house seems to be exempt from town ordinances - Why Why Why?

This is why I dislike for the town to continue passing ordinances - they don't enforce the ones they have so why make more?

Why isn't a candidate for the Delmar Maryland election next week standing in front of this building making a public statement that if elected, arsonist will never have this easy of a job to enter an abandoned house as all abandoned houses will be boarded up if he/she is elected. Maybe because Woodcreek has so many abandoned houses and most of the candidates live in Woodcreek they are afraid their community will look like a ghetto once those houses are boarded up. If any of those Maryland candidates want to stand in front of the building on Chestnut street and make that statement I will certainly take their photo and post their statement on my blog.

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I agree with you. You must show some photos of those abandoned houses in Delmar. I wonder what will be done on those houses, others may have it as their new house.