Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Image of Delmar

I have written before about this house in Delmar Maryland. Back on Sunday November 6th there was a fire in it. The fire, which caused an estimated $30,000 in damages to the structure of the vacant home, originated in the kitchen and the Maryland State Fire Marshal's office ruled it an arson. Now the photo's of the house I am showing is merely the side and front. The real damage was in the rear of the house but I just take pictures from the sidewalk which is not trespassing.

This vacant home which has created problems for the town in the past what with debris in the yard, unmowed grass, and damaged trees, seem to lack an owner for the town to contact and have corrections made. Rumor has it that the fire was set by Idiot teens — yes, I know “idiot teens” is redundant but when you baby children until they are in their 30's what do you expect from teenagers. They know nothing will happen to them if they are caught, so why should they stop doing what they do?

So here it sit with windows out and not boarded up - a magnet to vagrants, more firebugs, stray animals, and scrap metal thieves. No wonder the house next to it went thru the expense of installing security cameras - they should bill the town for them, since the town allows this to continue. I had offered to post comments from candidates in the recent Maryland election about the problem of vacant houses in Delmar but I received none. I guess the elected ones figure it wasn't in their neighborhood so why should they get involved - yea this newly elected bunch is really going to do well representing Delmar - what do you expect when two of them live in Woodcreek and may have never even driven down this street. Amazes me they could find townhall to vote - oh that's right they made a number of trips to town hall to get the town to handle their Woodcreek problems - that how come they knew where it was.

The crap from inside the building blows around the neighborhood creating that ghetto look that we have become use to in Delmar. The house and property had been vacant for a year or so and before the fire already had that vacant house look: unmowed grass, peeling paint, weeds growing out of every crack in the sidewalk, and broken/missing windows and half opened doors. An untended house on the street not only ruins your view, but it can jeopardize the financial wellbeing of every house in the neighborhood by sucking out your home equity and house values.

and the town government does nothing but collect taxes from us.

The neighbors to this burnt out property, will have to keep their eyes and ears wide open. Once a property has been vandalized – it becomes tougher to sell, more likely to languish without care for a long time, and a greater burden to the neighborhood.

Hopefully the Police Department have stepped up their patrols in this neighborhood. Maybe it is time for putting together a neighborhood watch to head off potential issues with this house or maybe a vigilance committee to set some examples in Delmar.

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Anonymous said...

This act of destruction is senseless, hoping for some resolution to this crime before others have to suffer