Tuesday, November 08, 2011

As The World Turns - Delmar Maryland Politics

I see Tom over at the Delmar Daily (see the side bar for link) has posted a letter allegedly from Jim Henderson bad mouthing Carl Anderton, Jr. It is disappointing to me how ugly this Maryland election has become but it is also surprising how relationship between the candidates keep changing. It does remind you of a soap opera. A month ago Tom, a candidate in the primary election, was supporting Carl - this month he seem to have moved Carl up along side Bunky Luffman on his list of people to run down. I certainly respect Jim Henderson but I think he may have went a step to far in his comments in the posted letter attributed to him. You expect such actions from a blogger but I would think an elected official would be a little more conservative in the manner in which he presents his view. Altho I have not worked with Carl behind the scenes on council matters, in my dealing with him, I have not found him to be the type of person Jim Henderson is describing. This should not be misconstrued that I am supporting Carl over Luther Hitchens for the Mayor's office as I feel both are about equal for the office. The real effect of this letter and Tom's constant harrying of candidates for elected office is there will be less people interested in running for any elected office in the future.

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Ron Pagano JD said...

Howard...if Tom's blog is capable of scaring anyone away from Delmar elected office, then I'm not sure we want that person to begin with. I've found Tom's blog to be poorly written, offensive and without substance. This is a man who got 20 votes in the primary; do you really believe ANYONE needs to be fearful of him? Anyone who gives him ANY credibility or respect has not been raised well!