Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can Anyone Help?

Received this request;
I am developing a documentary on a father and son killed in World War Two. The father, Col. Ollie Reed, CO of the 175th Regiment, was wounded on 30 July 1944 and his driver, Sgt. Vaughn Bounds, in spite of being wounded himself, drove Col. Reed to the closest aid station where he died of his wounds.

Vaughn Bounds was a resident of Delmar where he died in 1999. The Salisbury Times noted Cpl. Vaughn Bounds having been wounded in the August 24, 1944 edition.

Do you know where I might find a photograph, ideally wartime, of Vaughn Bounds
Many thanks

Dennis Whitehead
1410 N. Nelson Street
Arlington, VA 22201

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Alex said...

Mr. Bounds lived next to my grandmother up until he died. A few years before his death he was kidnapped and robbed.