Thursday, November 17, 2011

Normally I do not post Press releases for these type of commercial websites but given the economy it may help someone out there to know about it.

New Website Takes The Work Out of Searching For A Job

Princess Anne, MD- A new website was launched this week to help job seekers reduce the amount of time spent searching the web for job listings.

The new site, pulls listings from many popular websites including,,, and more to create one daily listing of jobs available. And instead of covering one small region, this website covers the whole Delmarva Peninsula with jobs for all three states and even work from home listings.

The site’s creator, Gretchen Parks, works from home and knows how discouraging the job search can be. “As a freelancer, I am always trolling the job boards and looking for my next client or opportunity. The competition is fierce and every edge that you can have can make all the difference.” Parks said.

Parks had the idea to create this blog site to fill a need. “I saw people online looking for work and asking others if they knew of any openings. Online groups have formed to help each other, but the job listings are not plentiful in these groups because only the person looking knows the extent of their experience and qualifications for any given job,” she said.

Job seekers are encouraged to subscribe to updates through the website so they can be notified of the daily additions of new jobs. Sometimes all the edge you need is to be one of the first to respond to a new opening. Site owner, Parks, said, “I once had a call back from a resume I sent within 15 minutes of sending it, so I know that timing can be everything in the job market.”

Employers wishing to list a job can do so for free by emailing Gretchen Parks at Anyone can also post comments on the site if they have heard of a new job opening or they want to post the good news of being hired.

“We can help each other to get hired. It all starts with where to look. is the place to start.”

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bob pinto said...

thanks for posting this. Checked it out and have already applied to a local company.