Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ethics, Morality and Public Policy

In dealing with governments sometimes the ten commandments are not enough maintain ethics. The Town of Delmar had a first reading in their November 2011 Joint Council Meeting of Ordinance No. 162 (Delaware version) "An ordinance to adopt a code of conduct for the elected and appointed officials, officers and employees of the town of Delmar and providing penalties for violations thereof."

I have scanned and placed the ordinance in this post - click photo to enlarge.

I view it as a beginning for a Code of Conduct and have no objections to it. At this point it is mostly definitions and conflict of interests issues. The whole issues of Code Of Conducts (Ethics, Morality and Public Policy) is one great philosophical debate. For some reason, however, there is no mention of stealing (Thou shalt not steal) nor a sentence or statement of Basic Honesty and Conformity To law (The public servant is morally bound, just as are other persons, to tell the truth, to keep promises, to respect the person and the property of others, and to abide by the requirements of the law) nor a mention of Ethic of democratic responsibility (the obligation to carry out the will of the people.) It remains to be seen as to how this Code Of conduct will be carried out however.

Page one has the Whereas and therefores

Page two is definitions, part of which is a complicated definition of "Financial interest".

Page three - more definitions - of interest to me is in "private Enterprise" they include not for profits.

page 4 - the Exceptions and Contracting with the Town.

Page five is the wrap up and a penalty if convicted in a court of law.

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