Saturday, November 26, 2011

It Is A Glorious Fall Day In Delmar

It is a glorious Fall Day In Delmar, let me share with you some of the sights on my morning walk.

It is indeed a glorious morning.

7:30 AM - Looking North on Bi-State Blvd - still waiting for the first vehicle to come thru Delmar

Looking South on Bi-State - nothing on the road - so much for build it and they will come.

Noticed the boarded up vacant building

It could be an improvement if it was really boarded up. The touch of graffiti on the fence adds a little class to it.

The Sports Nut - what is that in front of it by the curb - a bottle?

so did someone leave a bottle or piss in it for some unsuspecting alcoholic

speaks for itself

squint your eyes and you can hardy see the graffiti

Lots of windblown leaves

It may not be frost on the pumpkin but it is frost on the someone's garden.


THOMAS J said...

Just blame it all on Tom ,in fact maybe Carl and karen and Mike will get out and clean up .

Alan said...

Anyone live in your town? Didn't see anyone in any of the pictures