Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Occupy Movement Is Being Crushed

I'm remembering the book 1984, as Winston Smith is being tortured, and the torturer says, 'The future is a boot stomping on your head forever.'"

See I told you the movement didn't use enough violence. Violence is the only thing that gets attention.

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Ron Pagano JD said...

If you saw the many videos and live feeds from Zuccotti Park, you know that the only ones who brought violence to the scene were the riot-geared police. Two thoughts: 1) I think it's clear on who the violent ones are by the way they come dressed (riot gear/tear gas vs peace signs, flowers and laptops; 2) I always thought it was the thief that came in the middle of the night!

I remember, as a child, being told that in Russia, the government would knock on your door at 3am, and you wouldn't be seen any more. I'm reminded of the warning: First, they come for the terrorists; then, they come for the protesters; THEN, they come for you, standing on your corner, watching the events unfold!

The Occupy Movement is being attacked, brutally, but it will not die. The issues it has raised run too deep to ignore and the fact that the Middle Class has been fleeced by the big banks and Wall Street for $20+billion from the financial meltdown, will not be forgotten.