Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Parking Ordinance - Revisit

At the November joint council meeting there was a first reading of Ordinance No. 161 - "An ordinance of the mayor and council members of Delmar Delaware to regulate parking within the town of Delmar, to authorize the issuance of citations for parking violations, establishment of requirements for handicapped parking, setting of fines, provide for impoundment of vehicles, regulating the use of bicycles and skateboards on sidewalks and providing for snow emergencies."

Now as you recall the last parking ordinance the town tried to pass was poorly written and was tossed aside and rewritten. This version, as far as being an ordinance, is greatly superior to the previous one. Six pages of definitions, including how much you should weight (170 pounds) if driving a 750 watt electric powered bicycle on a level surface, will entertain you along with the additional ten pages.

Happily they do not define what is art, so when I bring my 1984 Dodge Omni back home and place it on blocks in the front yard it will not be an inoperable vehicle but yard art. And happily there is no regulation in the parking ordinance against having sex in a parked car on a Delmar street.

I think the town has too many ordinances that they do not enforce now, adding another, regardless how well written it is, is overkill. As I have said before these ordinances are discriminatory applied to some individuals while others can totally ignore them and not be fined or bothered.

My thoughts are; instead of writing a new ordinance to suppress people living in Delmar, rewrite what you have and maybe even get rid of some of them. This ordinance should come with a statement that it is replacing such and such an ordinance as I am sure in the array of town ordinances most of this is already covered.

Poor Ronald tried to ride a bike and weight over 170 pounds - teach him not to eat those burgers and fries

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