Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random Thoughts and Comments

It is coming on Thanksgiving time, which is the time of the Cranberry. This must be the biggest time of the year for the cranberry marketing push. There are sales all over for cranberry cocktail, Cranberry juice, dried cranberries, cranberry cookies etc. The Cranberry Cocktail/juice concept is odd in that it is less than 30% juice and in some cases the juice is a combination of grape and apple with only about 10% cranberry Juice. It is only a step away from Cranberry soda.

It has been ugly at Walmart for the past two days, what with people buying for Thanksgiving. The spice aisle is particularly bad. I had to go down the spice aisle at Walmart yesterday and it was packed with people buying spices/sugar/etc for the thanksgiving holiday.

My wife works at Sam's club in the Bakery and she has been knocking out pies all week. They can't keep them in stock on the floor.

Along with cranberries is deer season. I have on several occasions in the past week had deer run in front of my car. Lucky for me I have missed them. Dead deers seem to be everywhere on the highway.

Along with Deer and cranberries I see Perdue grain operation in Salisbury is going full blast. All kinds of overloaded farm trucks groaning their way down the backroads to sell those beans. Money is rolling in.

My mother is improving but I am still doing her grocery shopping for her. Needless to say she like things done a certain way and among the things I have screwed up for her are;
She wanted a quarter pound of "spiced" ham, the oval stuff not the other kind.

My mother thinks ketchup bottle that you stand upside down are ridiculous.

She wanted "medium" white eggs - She doesn't know everything is supersized.

And to her; who ever heard of putting hamburger in a tube and not a tray, must be something wrong with it as you can't even see the meat.

She must be getting better she is complaining more.

So far no candidate for office has taken me up on my offer of posting them on my blog. One did call and tell me since the house is under investigation by the state fire marshal they can't close it up. My comment is even the state fire marshal has to pull his thumb out of his ass and get to work at some point in time and the town government should be pushing them to wrap it up. The candidate said he was working on the issue with the powers to be at town hall, but did not want his name mentioned on my blog in reference to this. But the house is still open to trespassers. I am sure since it is a government thing they will all say it is because of the holiday that things have not been done to the house, instead of facing up to the issue.

My neighbors are having a party tonight (Saturday). No I was not invited. They purchased one of the largest old houses in Delmar and fixed it up to use as a vacation house when they come over from Baltimore. I think the husband and wife have some government jobs. I assume the people they have invited are from the Western Shore also. They must be impressed with the neighborhood now as it looks a ghetto area of Baltimore with the trash dumpsters and the half worked on houses from the previous fire.

I made some Orange Marmalade tonight. A simple recipe. I happen to like a little more than normal orange peel in my marmalade so making it myself allows me to have it my way. I used 2 medium navel oranges, 2 tablespoons of water and 10 packs of Splenda. Sounds simple doesn't it.

Wash the oranges, cut off both ends of one of the oranges, cut that orange into small bits and place them in a saucepan, remember to pour the juice into the pan also, take the second orange and juice it into the saucepan, scoop out the pulp of that orange into the sauce pan, add the two tablespoons of water and ten packs of Splenda,

Boil for 15 minutes. Let it cool and put into a plastic ware container to refrigerate and use later.

Yes the fresh taste is a nice change from the commercial kind which usually use a more bitter orange than navels oranges. It taste good and there is not a whole lot of it so you can finish it up without it going bad.

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Andy Fleetwood said...

Thank you Howard for all your tid bits of info and news. Since moving to Texas you have helped me stay up to date with my special town. We might be moving back and then I can start living again. Again thank you.