Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random Thoughts On A Thanksgiving Day

I finally am over some kind of flu that I have had for the last week, Thank You for asking. I did however miss the Delmar Joint Council and the Middle School Talent Show.

Both of our daughters arrived home last night - with two full hampers of dirty clothing for their mother to wash while they are home.

The roads were packed yesterday and so were the liquor stores in Delaware. Delaware has this law you can’t sell liquor on legal holidays. For purposes of this section, the following shall be considered holidays: Sundays, except the Sunday before Christmas when Christmas falls on a Monday and the Sunday before New Year's Day when New Year's Day falls on a Monday; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas; and Easter. In Immoral Maryland you can satisfy whatever addiction habit you have anytime you want to. When I grew up in Salisbury I thought liquor stores everywhere were referred to as dispensaries, had some strange looks when I moved elsewhere and asked for directions to a dispensary.

My youngest daughter, Susan, left Edinboro College Tuesday night to come home. She normally takes the Interstate down to Pittsburgh and picks up the Turnpike but this time she had to drop her roommate off at her home in Butler PA so she entered the turnpike at a point further east than she normally does. Lucky for her as Marino Transport Services of Stevensville, Maryland had a tanker with driveway sealant leak the contents of the tanker over 40 miles of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Susan phoned home saying she didn’t know what was happenings as cars were pulled off on the shoulder of the turnpike and the first service exit she came to there were about a hundred vehicles lined up to turn into it. For once she lucked out and missed the problem and I didn’t have to put out money to fix another problem. The problem of course goes beyond the vehicle as stranded motorists tracked tar into business throughout the area including gas stations and motels. And if your tires were getting bare, Tuesday night would be a good time to drive on the turnpike so you can get a new set from the insurance claim.

I watched some of the Philadelphia Thanksgiving parade this morning and I think it gets more ghetto and gay looking each year.

And my brother and mother came to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. The dinner turned out exceptionally well and we should leftover for at least three days. So now I get a nap and rest up for pie and desserts later. I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving this year.

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Bruce said...

Happy Thanksgiving Howard!!