Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Speed Camera

I see what looks like the speed camera set up out by the Delmar Elementary school or at least one of them. Supposedly you won't get a ticket unless you are going 12 miles over the speed limit. Make no mistake in this, this is a revenue raising device and has nothing to do with safety of the school kids.

The word I have is there is a group of senior citizens who are going to go out and moon the camera. They are just trying to figure out how to run past the camera at 12 miles over the speed limit with their pants down so the damn picture will take


Carol said...

I would think if they realy wanted to address safety at DES and make money they would ticket vehicles parked illegaly as well.

Randie said...

Maybe as an answer for the How to Moon question just put an enlarged photo of a butt on the side of a vehicle and speed by? Somehow that doesn't seem as satisfying. Or I guess you could put a butt picture over the license plate for the camera to avoid the ticket while still mooning. If the speed limit is low enough you can just put everybody in a pickup truck.

Yes Mr. Howard, thinking of things like this is how I spend my free time now that I don't have homework anymore.

Howard said...

Randie, why am I not surprised that you would give the most thought to "ways to moon."