Friday, December 16, 2011

December Planning and Zoning Meeting - 2011

The Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission had it's monthly meeting last night at 7 PM. Mayor Anderton had not appointed a new commissioner to the Planning and Zoning Commission to replace his self, so he was chairperson of the commission. Commission member David Ring was the only member missing.

First order of business was to present Joe Dixon and William Boyan with a certificate of appreciation for volunteering their time to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Next up was sign approval for E Z Loans in Delmar Commons between Nationwide and the Bike shop. A favorable recommendation was approved and it will go to the Joint Council for final approval next Monday.

Next was approval for various signs that will go on the old Bonanza building. Atlantic Financial has several businesses that will go in the building and each wants a sign on the building. It seems to be complicated by the fact it is one large open building without firewalls between the offices so it is more like a mall than a strip mall that has firewalls between the businesses and as such are considered individual buildings. The ordinance calls for one sign per building. The old Bonanza building wants at least four signs. They finally gave favorable approval to four out of six signs, sending another sign request to the Delaware Board of Adjustments and tabled the sign request for the Pylon sign outside the building until next month. The current view is a monument sign should be used and the only way plyon signs remain are to be grandfathered in. The building hopes to be officially open on February first.

The meeting was officially over at 7:55 PM however a group of Woodcreek residents approached the commission as I was leaving so maybe it is true that someone is going to buy the remaining lots in Woodcreek and it is payback time for the Woodcreek support of the newly elected Maryland town officials. Hopefully nothing was discussed that should have been discussed in public.


Alex said...

So what kind of businesses are going into the Bonanza building?

Howard said...

Delmar Daily had a cut and paste article from a local newspaper that describes the shops going in; Insurance co, lawyer office, Pawn shop, Car store offices, Atlantic financial, etc