Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Delmar’s Wastewater Treatment Facility Ribbon Cutting.

I went to the Ribbon Cutting for Delmar's wastewater treatment facility this afternoon. Big turnout of politicians and State officials. Notably missing were Maryland Officials everyone from Delmar Mayor Anderton, Commissions Gibb, Commissioner Ring, Vice Mayor Wells but Commissioner Tom Luffman was there. No Maryland Governor nor any underlings, except David Costello who is a nice guy. Delmar Delaware Vice Mayor Mary Lee Pase, Councilmen Gregory Smith, and Robert Thompson were there. Generally it was a big photo op.

Delaware Senator Coon, Delaware Gov Markell, Maryland State Delegate Mike McDermott, Delmar Delaware Mayor Mike Houlihan

Delaware NREC Secretary Collin P. O’Mara, Maryland Dept. of the Environment Deputy Secretary for Planning and Policy David A. Costello, U.S. EPA Regional Administrator (Region 3) Shawn M. Garvin, and Delaware Senator Chris Coon

The Governor, senators and the above people have mastered the art of having a permanent smile on their face.

Mayor Houlihan gave the opening remarks and introduced a ton of people. I thought he did well.

Gov Markell gave his create jobs thru infrastructure speech

Senator Carper gave his speech

Senator Coon gave an uplifting talk. It was the first time I heard him talk and he he is good.

Finally after all the talk a ribbon cutting took place.

Mayor Houlihan telling the world (or at least WBOC) about the Sewage Treatment plant.

Investments at the facility were made possible by a collaborative effort among the states of Delaware and Maryland, the EPA, and the Town of Delmar. The improvements have long-lasting benefits – protecting the health and safety of families, ensuring cleaner, healthier water quality for our waterways, while creating and supporting jobs.

"Local" construction and engineering companies have worked for more than a year to transform the outdated facility.

If you believe the politicians the renovation transformed an outdated plant to an innovative, effective wastewater treatment plant that will now protect the health and safety of the local community. No doubt the way the Federal Government and States work we will be renovating it once again next year. lets face it with the number of government employees we have, they have to justify their jobs someway.

It was a toss up as to rather U.S. EPA Regional Administrator (Region 3) Shawn M. Garvin or Gov. Markell had the best shined shoes.


Dixie said...

To the MD Elected officials - What a way to show your support of Delmar and how you're going to be of service to Delmar!
You didn't even bother to show up!
That tells me everything I need to know about the next election votes I will cast. You've already shown you're not worthy of my vote!
I was believing that we had voted people into office that really cared about Delmar and were proud to be our representatives. What a shame! Shame on ALL of you!

Anonymous said...

Dixie, I apologize for not being able to make it. I am also responsible to the taxpayers of Wicomico County and that job happens to put food on my table. I am very proud and supportive of my town and show that on a daily basis. My inability to come to an event does not change that. I am truly sorry that you feel the way you do. Hopefully you will see changes in our great town that will make you reconsider.

Karen H. Wells

Bunky Luffman said...

I was there.