Friday, December 09, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I went to the High School Tonight to watch and listen to the Delmar Senior High Chorus perform their winter concert called "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas".

I thought I had learn my lesson from the Middle School Chorus concert and arrived at 6:30 to get a seat instead of 6:45. Well there were a number of seats left but they had tape across them or family members of the chorus were sitting in a row reserving it for late arriving family members, so once again I was way in the back. Well it is a free concert so I wasn't out any money for a seat but for those who are thinking of attending these events in the future you might want to just stay home.

The Choral director is Iris Stuart. For those who have attended Mrs. Stuarts concerts in the past you know she is heavy on Choreographing the songs. For tonight's performance Choreography credit went to Megan Upole, Chelsea Brown and Caitlin Frey.

There are three sub-chorus groups in the Delmar High School Chorus; the A Cappella (about 25 members), the women's Chorus (also about 25 members) and the Concert Chorus ( about 70 members)

The opening song was "It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas" by the Delmar High School chorus followed by the Concert choir doing "Welcome, Welcome Winter" and "Et In Terra Pax"

The Delmar High school Chorus did "Joy to the World" with soloists; Lyndsi Jones, Amber Austin, and Emily Ellis.

Next was a couple of numbers by the A Cappella group. Now let me say I am not a fan of A Cappella so neither "Bidi Bom" nor "Hodie Christus Natus Est" impressed me. I am sure there was some parent of an A Cappella member who was thrilled by it.

The women's choir did "Cradle Hymn" standing in the aisle ways in the dark, for me they could have skipped this number, again I was not impressed by the presentation nor the singing.

The Delmar High School Chorus did "Grown-Up Christmas List". I enjoyed this song and thought they did well with it.

The Women's Chorus did "Christmas Shopping Blues" followed by "Ding-a ding-a Ding" by the A Cappella group, once again I was unimpressed by both songs.

The women chorus did "Twelve or so days of Christmas". the men put on placards indicating they were the various days of Christmas and danced across the stage. I am sure the students enjoyed it for me once again I was unimpressed.

Up to this point I considered the show less than a Stellar performance but surprising five students made the 2012 Delaware All-State Chorus. They are; Lyndsi Jones, Emily Ellis, Samantha Layfield, Holly Records and Chris Raglin. They are shown below - congratulations

Perhaps the one song with choreography that worked was "Baby It's Cold Outside". Sung by the Delmar High School chorus and the dancers were; Mary Beth Bradshaw, Chelsea Brown, Julian Burke and Chris Raglin.

as I have said earlier I do not care for A Cappella so I was not expecting anything great when "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" was sung. I was surprised, as Adwoa Nyame did a solo and she is good.

The High school Chorus moved into "Perfect Christmas Night" again a lot of dancing. Let make two points; first since the fashion among teenagers seem to be wearing jeans without a belt and tight fitting tops during the dance numbers there was a constant pulling of pants ups and tugging their tops down. Wardrobe malfunctions are never nice to look at on a public stage. Second, the dancing distracts from the singing - it has good entertainment value but when you leave the show you end up asking yourself can they really sing or is the dancing a coverup?

Finally the end - a five minute version of "Jingle Bells."


Lela Simon said...


Just WOW.

One) If you want a good seat, you should show up earlier. The choirs are large and have many friends and family to support them.

Two) I am proud of our kids and our town for showing up and supporting those kids. The fact that you suggest that the people of Delmar "shouldn't bother" is SHAMEFUL, sir.

Three) Picking on 14- 17-year-olds that have worked hard under less than ideal circumstances is, again, shameful. These aren't professionals, sir, these are hardworking teenagers who could have been out causing trouble. Thank you so much for your encouragement of their efforts.

Four)Please don't come anymore.You are a poison to these kids.

Also--deleting the comments you don't agree with makes you look like a guy who enjoys beating up kids yet can't take criticism.

Sheila said...

First of all I also went to the Delmar High School chorus concert and I thought the students did an amazing job. Yes you do need to get there early to get a good seat, but there is anywhere you go. Obviously a lot of people have enjoyed these concerts in the past or not so many would of shown up. Mrs. Stuart did an awesome job also. The dancing did not take away from the singing. These kids have multiple talents and got to use them for this concert. Not sure who you were looking at when you say you saw a lot of pants being pulled up. The school is very strict on uniform policy and they are not going to allow kids to disrespect the school or themselves by letting their pants fall down. Not sure how you saw so much beings you were way in the back of the room. Maybe you should get there earlier the next time so you can get a good seat and see things more clearly. I honestly think they should charge admission for things like this then that way it would eliminate people like yourself who want to take advantage of free shows and then have the nerve to complain about it. Sounds to me like maybe you tried out for chorus at some point in your life and you just weren't talented enough. HATS OFF TO THE DELMAR HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS AND TO MRS. STUART.