Saturday, December 10, 2011

Long Ago Memories

As you know odd memories stay stuck in your brain. They are not necessarily significant events in your life they are just flashes that come to you when you see a place or an object. This small house on Washington street in Salisbury is one such place. This neighborhood was where my family lived in the 1940's. The house which appears to be brick is not. I can remember sitting on the sidewalk with a gang of other six year olds watching them place a material like formstone or some stucco material on the house and than laying out a brick design on it. I think even at six we all wondered why you would do that. The material has stood the test of time as that was sixty some years ago. The house as I recall was originally a single family dwelling and over the years seemed to have been made in two or three apartments, as many of the other houses in the neighborhood have. By today standards for houses it appear small but for that generation after World War II it was big enough to raise a family of six in so maybe we are spoiled today with houses over 2,000 sq ft. that we can't afford to heat or make mortgage payments on.

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